Monday, 13 June 2011


THE Save Botley Library Campaign recommends that as many of the local residents as possible complete the Oxfordshire County Council Library Service Consultation Feedback Form to show our strength of feeling over the Library. These are available on-line at the County Council website or from the Library. Below are some suggestions for handling some of the trickier questions on the form.

QUESTION 1: Answer YES. Ticking either of the other two boxes may lead to your contribution being discounted.

QUESTIONS 4 and 5: We suggest you agree with both these statements (as their proposal is to retain Botley Library) but enter reservations as to their intentions towards the county library service as a whole in the comments box.

QUESTION 6: Answer NO, but you may wish to add a comment that all Oxfordshire Libraries should be fully funded and not part run by volunteers.

QUESTION 7: This might be the place to remind the Council that the law requires them to provide the whole county with an effective and efficient library service, which may not be fully met if volunteers are widely used.

QUESTION 8: Answer NO, since any other answer could be used to support a Council case for removing funding and professional staff from Botley Library.

QUESTION 10: As you can only tick one box, tick the first box – “Library Service Customer” to ensure that your responses are taken into account.

QUESTIONS 11 TO 14: Complete as you see fit. However if you have a disability if you are able to please tick Yes to Question 13 as this will help the case that Botley Library needs to support you.

YOUR CONTACT DETAILS: Once we have achieved our aim of saving Botley Library the Campaign group will form an independent Friends of Botley Library group. However if you do wish to give your details to the Council please make it clear in your answer to QUESTION 8 above that you are not volunteering, but only wish to join the Botley Library Friends group.

Thank you for your continued support and please make sure that your friends and neighbours are aware that everyone in a household (including the under 16s) can and should fill in a separate Consultation Feedback Form.

Save Botley Library Campaign

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